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Lauren BreachLauren Breach
I've been a member of BAE Club for only a year and have served on the Jr. Board for six months. BAE Club has opened so many doors for me. Having the opportunity to attend BAE Vet Camp and meet all of the mentors and take part in the activities is amazing. I wanted to thank BAE Club for bringing me into the club.
Lynne TardiffLynne Tardiff
What an outstanding program and opportunity for these kids to be a part of. Whether they go on to become future vets, or just for the love of the horse, they all have had such a great experience at your camp! You all have lots to be proud of for starting such a wonderfully educational and fun program. Bravo to all!
Mimoli UeharaMimoli Uehara
At BAE Vet Camp, I enjoyed learning about the different facilities and the blood donor horses.
Cathy Remick (BAE Vet Camp Mentor, Architect and Author)Cathy Remick (BAE Vet Camp Mentor, Architect and Author)
Great job on the camp. Very impressive! So many fun things for the kids to do. Can’t wait to see what you do next summer!  :)
Caden HernandezCaden Hernandez
Dear future BAE Campers,I just wanted to let you know that this is an amazing camp! It's really fun and you can make a lot of new friends. You will learn a lot about horses and becoming a vet. Have fun at camp!
Haily PerrinHaily Perrin
The past couple of days at BAE Vet Camp was really fun and a great experience. My favorite part was going to the Arabian horse breeding ranch, Sherman Ranch.
Kas BakerKas Baker
These past five days have been really fun and a great experience. My favorite part was going to see the Arabian horses and learning about breeding because that is what I want to do when I am older.
Constanza ZamaniConstanza Zamani
I enjoyed learning about the Tevis Cup and endurance riding because it was interesting to see how strong the horse is.
Jennifer SheehyJennifer Sheehy
At BAE Vet Camp, I enjoyed the necropsy lab, it was interesting to see the specific parts in real-life.
Yarley Cuevas CoriaYarley Cuevas Coria
I appreciate Dr. Textor for showing us a visual presentation about how horse bones work and how their heart, lungs, and organs do as well. She helped us understand not only the parts of a horse but the many functions that makes a horse a living thing.
Lisa BruiniersLisa Bruiniers
Truly an amazing organization and an even more amazing team behind it. Congrats, ladies!!
Denise Jenkins TracyDenise Jenkins Tracy
This is soooooo great! I wish I would have gone to something like this when I was a kid. It can change their future!
Ann Ramsey BS, CERAAnn Ramsey BS, CERAEquine Rehab
This year the campers learned about equine spinal anatomy. We talked about the anatomy of the distal limb and the different kinds of musculoskeletal diseases that can affect the horse. The campers practiced gait analysis on each other. They had a blast "trotting" up and down the barn aisle! We were looking at how each person's laterality or handedness affected movement and posture. The experience was fun as well as educational. I love teaching at Bay Area Equine Vet Camp!
Elin UeharaElin Uehara
I have learned a lot about horses and their bones at BAE Vet Camp. My favorite part of camp was visiting UC Davis' large animal clinic and watching two horses getting a necropsy.
Taylor LaiTaylor Lai
I enjoyed learning about the different machines used to imitate a race horses running patterns, to be able to do a study on race horses. I also enjoyed being at the Necropsy Suite. I believe that being able to study one horse to be able to help many other horses in the world would be rewarding.
Caden HernandezCaden Hernandez
I am grateful to have attended BAE Vet Camp, which has inspired me to continue my education in the veterinary sciences.
Jill ShermanJill ShermanSherman Ranch

Amazing job putting BAE Vet Camp together, not an easy task . What a fantastic experience for those kids !

Rebecca LamotteRebecca Lamotte
I appreciate the fact that people took time out of their schedule to make our camp as amazing as it's been. This has really been a great experience! I've been looking for a long time for a camp like this, where it's more than just looking at the animals, here we get to go into depth on how their bodies work.
Deborah StaceyDeborah Stacey
I love the way your camp schedule speaks to the child's entire being; mind, heart, and spirit.
Alicia GuevaraAlicia Guevara
BAE Vet Camp was amazing and fun! I loved dealing with horses and visiting UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.
Felix, LondonFelix, London
"BAE Pre-Vet Program was immersive and challenging - I never imagined that I would learn so much, work so hard and have so much fun!"
Mikayla PerrinMikayla Perrin
These past five days have been a great learning experience yet also extremely fun for me. I have learned so many new things about horses and have been to several new places during my time at BAE Vet Camp. Dissecting was interesting and seeing a necropsy of a horse was a once in a lifetime experience. I loved going to Sherman Ranch and seeing all of the colts, fillies and horse. I have met a few new friends and would love to attend BAE Vet Camp again, BAE Vet Camp ROCKS!
Alessandra WestoverAlessandra Westover
My favorite part of BAE Vet Camp was the dissections of large animal hearts, brains and eyes. I enjoyed finding the answers to each question asked, proving the answers to each questions, then exploring the piece of body in question.  I really enjoyed finding the four chambers of the heart, the aorta a large artery,the right and left arteries and ventricles, and then just exploring generally. The brain was cool because I've never seen a brain, much less dissect one. The eye was also awesome because I got to look at the lens and explore generally.

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