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About: Pre-Vet Program

About Global Veterinary Academy Pre-Vet Camp


 27-31 JULY 2020!

Global Vet Academy, Pre-Vet Camp

 Enrollment is now open! 

ENROLL in the Global Veterinary Academy!

Preview and prepare for the rigors and rewards of veterinary school life and various careers in veterinary medicine.

Limited to 50 residential students

For highly motivated students: High School • Undergrads

Students are grouped with peers in their age and grade bracket.

Students attend from around the world, making Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp an excellent opportunity for international networking.


Summer is a wonderful time for students to follow their passions. Explore the fascinating world of veterinary medicine at Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp featuring noted veterinarian, specialist surgeon, and author Jamie Textor, DVM, PhD. Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp offers the chance to study at the world’s top veterinary medicine teaching and research establishment, Royal Veterinary College, Oxford University as well as Cambridge University.

Frequently asked questions are answered here.

Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp is an intensive, dynamic 5-day veterinary studies program focused on exotic, small, and large animals. Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp provides a collaborative and experiential approach to learning. Students can use their hours spent at Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp on their academic résumé and college applications for veterinary schools. (Vet schools require practical and clinical experience working directly with a veterinarian when applying.)


Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp offers a full curriculum of academics and hands-on workshops with a focus on the anatomy, physiology, health, and care of horses— perfect for the student who is considering becoming a veterinarian. The program includes exclusive workshops at the Royal Veterinary College, Oxford University as well as Cambridge University (professional chartered luxury buses are employed to transport students to and from off-site seminars.)

Students will study veterinary science, up-close-and-personal, through direct hands-on interactions and small group discussions, and will learn about:

• preventive medicine

• heart, eye, and brain through dissections (optional)

• suturing

• carbon dioxide and oxygen experiments

• podiatry and hoof care through horse farrier demonstrations

• equine digital radiography

• alternative medicine modalities (acupuncture; chiropractic; holistic approaches)

• the variety of technological concentrations within the field of veterinary medicine

At the Royal Veterinary College, Dr. Textor will offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital and discuss how young people can work with horses and what it takes to become a veterinarian. Students will visit several departments, including the Clinical Pathology Department and the Materials Testing Laboratory where limbs, horseshoes, and track surfaces are mechanically tested for physical properties—demonstrating the interface between veterinary medicine and biomedical engineering.

Students will also learn about equine diagnostic imaging, oncology, dermatology, and regenerative medicine using stem cells. (Please note that mentors, workshops, and activities are subject to change.)

Residence Life

Students reside at the University and College dorms. Students enjoy exploring a delicious variety of culinary options (dietary preferences accommodated). Resident Program Assistants provide guidance, lead social activities, and enforce program policies.

Enrollment Options

Residential: $2,800

Space is limited; enroll now to secure your spot!

Please refer to the Welcome Packet with details regarding what to wear/ bring and the daily agendas prior to the start of the program.


Inside this welcome packet, you will find answers to most of your questions and a guide for preparing for what promises to be an extraordinary experience. Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp mentors, are proud of the program that has been developed and are confident that you will have a summer not soon forgotten: a summer full of fun, challenges, laughter, and lasting friendships—all with a veterinary medicine focus! We place tremendous value on the relationships that are formed among our students, mentors, and families. Our pledge to you is to provide an enriching, diverse, and encouraging environment.

Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp


July 27 Royal Veterinary College, University of London

July 28 Royal Veterinary College, University of London

July 29 University of Oxford, England, United Kingdom

July 29 University of Cambridge Vet School, England, United Kingdom

July 30 University of Cambridge Vet School, England, United Kingdom


Happy trails,
Shanna Gage, Program Director
BAE Pre-Vet Program