Meet the Founder: Shanna Gage Lai

“Growing up, just about every kid I knew, including myself, had career aspirations at some point to be a veterinarian. For animal lovers, at a young age, it seemed to be an obvious career path. Although I never became a vet, my passion for animals has driven me to help fulfill the dreams of young animal enthusiasts.” Shanna Gage Lai, Global Veterinary Academy, Founder, Director, CEO.


Global Veterinary Academy is known for focusing on the long-term success of its students. The Academy helps students prepare for veterinary school, during their time in veterinary school as well as throughout their career paths.

The heart of the Global Veterinary Academy is out of the classroom learning in a hands-on manner and mentorship for life. The value Global Veterinary Academy offers is the opportunity for aspiring veterinary students to network and study out in the veterinary field. The problem Global Veterinary Academy solves is lack of mentorship, practical and clinical experience for pre-veterinary learners globally. Global Veterinary Academy clearly articulates a specific benefit to aspiring veterinary students.


Global Veterinary Academy was created for students before applying for admission to veterinary school. The chosen industry is veterinary education; Global Veterinary Academy does not take the place of veterinary colleges. Instead, it seeks to offer students an opportunity to learn what goes on in the field. The learners will have the unique opportunity to learn on the job skills by shadowing veterinarians. The practical part of the program is of great value for students when applying to vet school. Global Veterinary Academy students earn 65 practical and clinical hours working with a veterinarian over one week. The average vet school applicant logs 1800 practical and clinical hours prior to starting formal veterinary studies. A minimum of 1800 hours of veterinary experience is required criteria for admission to most US veterinary schools. (UC Davis, 2018) Networking with like-minded students and forming authentic connections with expert mentors in the field is one of the opportunities’ students’ value most from their experience at Global Veterinary Academy. Expert mentors guide students throughout their educational and career paths. The driving force of the business is ethics rather than gaining profits, therefore giving back to the community.


Global Veterinary Academy’s main aim is to bridge the gap in veterinary education today by providing aspiring high school-aged students with an innovative educational program prior to joining a veterinary school. Just like in many other professions, students in the veterinary field benefit from mentorship programs that help them grow and learn what to expect. The Global Veterinary Academy aims to play a significant role in the development of skills and knowledge through innovative educational travel opportunities. High school students who aspire to study veterinary medicine formally, have an opportunity of understanding what is like to be a veterinarian across the globe, prior to joining vet school. Inspiring learners and providing mentorship opportunities in the veterinary field is the primary goal of the Global Veterinary Academy.


Global Veterinary Academy offers students an extensive look into veterinary medicine. From lecture courses and enterprise classes to hands-on workshops out in the field, students participating in the program have the opportunity for a comprehensive education in the area of equine sciences, livestock as well as small and exotic animals. The curriculum is tailored to specific equine-related careers such as studying nutrition or assisted reproductive therapies. Whether students have a minimal background with animals or have grown up on a ranch, the Global Veterinary Academy gives exposure to a variety of different facets in the veterinary industry. Global Veterinary Academy provides students the opportunity to study individual subjects, which follow our “learn by doing” philosophy. Equine nutrition, management, reproduction, human and equine biomechanics, advanced equine evaluation, and equine exercise physiology are some of the highly sought-after courses offered. Global Veterinary Academy provides an education program across the seven continents for high school students who aspire to be veterinarians. Global Veterinary Academy incorporates educational tours which enable students to explore the world of veterinary medicine. Global Veterinary Academy students study animals in their natural habits and form authentic connections with expert mentors in the veterinary field. International tours enable students the opportunity of having a sense of what it would be like to be a veterinarian across the seven continents including North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Veterinary medicine has exciting career and educational possibilities globally. Students have the opportunity to explore through Global Veterinary Academy as we partner with the top vet schools and veterinarians; creating unique educational adventures and a once in a lifetime experience.

Developing Business-Oriented Minds  


Global Veterinary Academy aims at producing savvy business-minded veterinarians. Any individual with interest in the veterinary career and has dreams of owning and operating a clinic should have a business orientation in mind. Considering information from the American Veterinary Medical Association, most practitioners in the field prefer working in private-practice careers (Laakkonen, and Nevgi, 2017, pp.155). Thus, for the teenage students with interest in pursuing the career, Global Veterinary Academy summer camp will educate students on business acumen.

Forging Lifelong Friendships


While pursuing a veterinary career, it is wise to make like-minded friends in the field. One benefits by being connected to several colleagues throughout their career for advice and consultation. The journey through vet school is challenging. An individual who has plenty of cohorts will find that the students will help one another to get through the tough journey (Hashizume, et al., 2016, pp.95). The Global Veterinary Academy camp is, therefore, determined to provide students a built-in network of proficient contacts who will be part of the student’s encouragement team and provide guidance throughout their academic as well as a professional career. Developing a lifelong friendship in the career will be part of the theme that the training in the summer camp will embrace.

Organization and Time Management 


Veterinarians have the responsibility to perform many administrative obligations, for instance, planning, scheduling, and coordination of resources. The Global Veterinary Academy summer camp will provide insight into the managerial functions that will confront veterinarians as they pursue the career. Students will be taught time management skills while running tasks in the field. For instance, students must be organized and manage their time well while diagnosing medications to animals and be able to monitor reactions and progress throughout the treatment process.

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