Latest Addition to the BAE Stables

The latest addition to the BAE stable — a mare named Dakota and her foal, Tiger Lily. The pair were among 19 miniature horses rescued from North Dakota recently. The horses had been at a rescue effort there, but the woman who ran the operation became suddenly ill and asked for help. Shanna, an avid  horsewoman who has a special affinity for Arabians, says the plan was to temporarily keep Dakota and Tiger Lily with another miniature horse and the two Arabians that she stables at her mother’s home. She figured that while a home was being sought for the horses, the children in the club could learn more about their care and would give Dakota and Tiger Lily a chance to recover and get used to loving humans.

But the family fell in love with the duo and decided to adopt them. The horses have become a permanent part of the BAE Club, which includes a youth component along with the adult side. The youngster will learn about taking care of the small horses, and managing a nursing mother and foal, by tending to Dakota and Tiger Lily.

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