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CathyCathy Remick is a San Francisco Bay Area designer with experience in architecture, graphic art, and green, do-it-yourself product design. She holds a master’s degree in architecture and has worked as a staff architect and/or design manager for awardwinning national firms in Washington, DC, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. She is the co-author and designer of the book Prefab Green, published by Gibbs Smith.

Her company, Cathy Remick Designs, produces web and print collateral including advertisements, logos, websites, business and marketing pieces, wine labels, posters, long board graphics, book layouts, signage, postcards, and other fun, crafty items. Her clients include architectural and engineering firms, educational institutions, clubs, small businesses, wine makers, sports teams, contractors, tech companies, television/media companies, investment bankers, and business consultants.

When she is not working, Cathy enjoys TIG welding (an arc welding process that use a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld) and neon classes; trail running with her multi-sport endurance team, Detour 510; drawing; photography; and watching her daughter Isabelle compete in her show jumping competitions.


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