2017 Vet Camp Welcome Packet

Bay Area Equine Vet Camp
Bay Area Equestrian Club Stables
295 Pine Creek Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598


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Welcome incoming 2017 Bay Area Equine Vet Camp students! Welcome! to Bay Area Equine Vet Camp. We are thrilled that your student will be joining our program this summer. Are you ready for camp? We bet your student is!

Inside this packet, you’ll find answers to most of your questions and a guide for preparing you and your student for what promises to be an extraordinary experience.

BAE Vet Camp mentors and I are proud of the program we’ve designed, and we feel confident that your student will have a summer not soon forgotten: a summer full of fun, challenges, laughter, and lasting friendships—all with an equine focus! We place tremendous value on the relationships that are formed among our campers, mentors, and camp families. Our pledge to you and your student is to provide an enriching, diverse, and encouraging environment,where safety comes first.

BAE Vet Camp has hired the professional charter services of Durham School Services to transport students by bus to and from the workshops. Bay Area Equine Vet Camp, LLC, assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items, and students are solely responsible for their belongings at camp, at off-site workshops, and on buses. If belongings are left on a bus after the bus departs BAE Club Stables and students wish to keep the items, parents must retrieve them at the Durham School Services bus lot in San Carlos and make arrangements with the bus company to do so.

Workshop addresses

Bay Area Equestrian Club Stables, 295 Pine Creek Road, Walnut Creek, CA Peninsula Equine Medical Center, 100 Ansel Lane, Menlo Park, CA Stanford University Red Barn Equestrian Center, 100 Electioneer Road, Stanford, CA

UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, 1 Garrod Drive, Davis, CA Valley Oak Arabians- 25760 Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood, CA 94513

All students: What to wear & what to bring (besides your brightest smile!) [Campers must dress appropriately for an active, outdoor program]

  • • Closed-toed shoes or boots everyday

  • • Long-sleeved denim shirt or sweatshirt

  • • Long pants (preferably jeans)

  • • Baseball cap

  • • Sunscreen everyday (waterproof recommended) and sunglasses (optional, but encouraged)

  • • Bathing suit, towel, and flip-flops (for water games)

  • • Refillable, leak proof water bottle

  • • Lunch & snacks (commuters)*; snacks (residential students)**

  • • Yoga pants and mat

  • • Spiral bound notebook, pens, pencils, and a pack of colored pencils (for science lab work); pocket

  • folder (for worksheets); and personal journal—label notebook, folder, pencil pack, and journal with

  • your name prior to camp

  • • Minimum $100 spending money for souvenirs and special purchases at off-site workshops

  • • Backpack

  • • Watch

  • • Camera (optional)

    *Commuters: BYO lunch & snacks

    Vet Camp does not provide a lunch or snacks for commuter students, so please send a water bottle, a healthy

    lunch, and enough snacks to keep your student energized for the day. Lunches and snacks must fit into your

    student’s backpack; backpacks will stay on the bus during workshops; snack time will be designated in both

    the morning and the afternoon.

    **Residential students: BYO snacks

    Vet Camp provides three meals per day with evening dessert, but residential students must bring their own

    snacks. We suggest two or more snacks per day, such as granola bars, fruit rollups, and nuts—satisfying, but

    not messy. Your student’s water bottle and snacks, along with camp-provided lunch, must fit into your

    student’s backpack; backpacks will stay on the bus during workshops; snack time will be designated in both

    the morning and the afternoon.

    All students: What not to bring to workshops & activities

  • • Pets or other animals

  • • Games, toys, or card collections

  • • Weapons

  • • Alcohol or drugs

    Cell phone use

    If your student must bring a cell phone to camp, the phone must be kept off during the camp day and may only be used with the camp director’s permission. Please do not call your student’s cell phone during the camp day. Parents can reach Camp Director Shanna Gage Lai on her cell phone at all times. Please text or leave voice message at 510-829-2632. We are able to reach your student within a few minutes.

    Residential students: Suggested packing list

    Please do not over pack—try to fit all belongings into one suitcase.

  • • Jeans

  • • Yoga pants

  • • T-shirts

  • • Shorts

  • • Sweatshirt

  • • Undergarments and socks

  • • Sleep attire

  • • One casual outfit for eating out

  • • 1 pair of tennis shoes or comfortable walking shoes

  • • 1 pair of boots for working around horses in the barn

  • • Toiletries/shower products & items

  • ——–• Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • ——–• Body soap and shampoo/deodorant/feminine needs for girls

  • ——–• Hair brush/pony tail holders.

  • ——–• 2 bath towels

  • ——–• 1 wash cloth

  • • Contacts/glasses if needed

  • • Pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (twin size sleeping pads, sleeping mats, or camp pads are placed

  • under sleeping bag and used for cushioning the surface on the ground— we recommend a self-

  • inflating sleeping pad)

  • • Two or more snacks per day (granola bars, fruit rolls, nuts—satisfying, but not messy)

  • Optional:

  • • Cell phones, iPods and video games (and all power cords and chargers), as well as books, games, and

  • card games to use and play with only during residential free time

  • • Mini clip-on light for evening reading

  • • Medications (prescription and/or over-the-counter) in original containers with printed parental

  • instructions (parents must notify BAE Vet Camp of any medications that students are bringing and

  • taking during camp; parents must specify if student is able to administer medication herself, or if she

  • needs the daily assistance of the Camp Director)

  • • Address list for postcards & appropriate postage stamps

    Students will have ten minutes to call their parents each evening before bedtime. They may use BAE Vet Camp’s phone or their own cell phone. If your student brings her own cell phone, please include all power cords and chargers to charge the phone. Phones will be used only during free time for residential students each night. Phones will not be with students during the day at camp.

    Parents can reach Camp Director Shanna Gage Lai at all times at 510-829-2632 Residential students will sleep in the Bay Area Equine Vet Camp clubhouse dorm slumber-party style. The clubhouse dorm includes a restroom. Lights out at 10:00pm. Students are required to roll up their sleeping bags and mats each morning and put all of their belongings in their suitcases so housekeeping can clean. Camp counselors will supervise and stay in the dorm with the students overnight, every night.

    If flying into or out of SFO or Oakland Airport, we recommend Black Tie Transportation, www.blacktietrans.com, or Uber Transportation, www.uber.com, for airport pickup and drop off to and from Bay Area Equestrian Club Stables & Bay Area Equine Vet Camp, 295 Pine Creek Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. For students traveling from out of town accommodations are available Sunday evening for an additional $100 per student. Please purchase residential early check in on our store page.

    BAE Vet Camp Rules & Code of Behavior

    BAE Vet Camp is meant to be fun, educational, and safe. To make the camp experience enjoyable and safe for everyone, it is important for each participant to follow Vet Camp rules and exhibit responsible behavior at all times while on camp and workshop property, in classrooms, and on buses.

    Physical violence or bullying toward another student or staff member will result in immediate dismissal from the camp program. Any violation of the following rules may result in disciplinary action, which includes sending the student home at the family’s expense. Vet Camp fees are non-refundable if a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons.

    All BAE Vet Camp students and their parents/guardians must read the following rules together and then send an e-mail message to Camp Director Shanna Gage Lai, baecvet@gmail.com, confirming that they understand the behavior expected and the rules to be followed at Bay Area Equine Vet Camp, with student’s name and parent/guardian’s name.

  • • Student will cooperate with staff and follow instructions as given by staff and mentors at all times.

  • • Students will stay with assigned groups and mentors at all times.

  • • Students will use appropriate voice levels in classrooms, on buses, and around animals.

  • • Students will listen quietly while staff and mentors are talking.

  • • Students will respect other students, staff, equipment, and facilities.

  • • Students will treat all other students with respect—no name-calling, teasing, or disrespect of other students or staff.

  • • Students will keep their hands to themselves—no hitting, pushing, or shoving of other students.

  • • Students will respect BAE Vet Camp buildings, objects, and natural environment at all times.

  • ——–• Nothing is to be taken, broken, or harmed in any way.

  • • Students will respect workshop/classroom buildings, objects, and natural environment at all times.

  • ——–• Nothing is to be taken, broken, or harmed in any way.

  • • Students will stay in program areas with adults.

  • • Students will wash hands before and after handling animals.

  • • Students will not bring radios, iPods, video gaming systems, or electronics to camp.

  • • Students will wear closed-toed shoes and socks at all times outdoors (no sandals, Crocs, or flip flops, except when specified for water activities).

  • • Students will wear seat belts and remain seated while in the chartered bus.

    Examples of unacceptable behavior that may result in dismissal include, but are not limited to:

  • • Refusing to follow behavior guidelines or camp rules; refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff

  • • Disrupting a program; leaving a program without permission

  • • Stealing, vandalizing, or damaging property (personal or camp property)

  • • Any action that could threaten or pose a direct threat to the physical/ emotional safety of the student, other students, staff, or program animals

  • • Fighting, biting, teasing, or bullying other students or staff; using profanity or obscenities

  • • Use of illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco; possession of a weapon; sexual conduct of any kind

  • • Possession of a controlled substance, unless under the prescription of a doctor

    Parents/Guardians—Failure to follow Vet Camp rules may result in the following:

  • • The BAE Vet Camp Director will make a call to the parent/guardian regarding the student’s failure to follow the rules and there will be a discussion regarding the misbehavior and what is expected of the student.

  • • After one warning/talk with the parent/guardian regarding misbehavior, further misbehavior may result in immediate dismissal of the student from the camp—without refund and at the family’s expense.

  • • Upon dismissal from the BAE Vet Camp, the parent/guardian must immediately retrieve the student, who will be removed from the other students and will be in the care of staff management.

    Signing in, signing out, absences, late arrivals, early pick-ups

  • • A parent, guardian, or authorized adult must sign in your student when dropping off and sign out your student when picking up.

  • • Students who drive themselves to camp do not need a parent or guardian to sign them in or out.

  • • Only parents, guardians, and authorized adults identified on the camper’s registration form will be allowed to pick up students; parents, guardians, and authorized adults must be prepared to show identification.

  • • All arrangements outside this norm must be made through the BAE Vet Camp office at baecvet@gmail.com prior to your student’s dismissal.

  • • If your student is going to be absent, arriving late, or being picked up early, it is extremely important that you notify the camp office in order for us to accurately account for all of our campers and to make the necessary arrangements. Please e-mail all student absences, late arrivals, early pick- ups, or special requests to the BAE Vet Camp office at baecvet@gmail.com, or call the camp office at 510-829-2632.

  • • Do not give messages to counselors or mentors. Feel free to leave a voicemail message at 510-829-2632 if we are away from the office.

Thank you for choosing Bay Area Equine Vet Camp for your student. We know that there are countless options for young people regarding summer classes, workshops, and activities. We value your support and appreciate your choice of BAE Vet Camp.

And remember, BAE Vet Camp has a robust referral program! Registrants are asked, “How did you hear about BAE Vet Camp?” If a student says she heard

about Vet Camp because of your student, your student will earn $200 toward her Vet Camp costs.

We strive to ensure that our students and parents feel that BAE Vet Camp is their summer camp, and thus welcome your thoughts, feedback, and ideas at anytime during the summer. If concerns or issues surface during your student’s camp experience, please notify us immediately. We are never too busy to listen. Our goal is to create a memorable summer camp experience for our students and their families.

From all of us at Bay Area Equine Vet Camp, we wish you and your family an extraordinary summer!

See you at BAE Vet Camp! Happy trails!


Shanna Gage Lai, Camp Director Bay Area Equine Vet Camp baecvet@gmail.com