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Testimonials Waiver

Dear BAE Vet Camp parents,

We so enjoyed having your student join us this year at BAE Vet Camp. Each student’s presence and participation helped make the week a memorable experience for all students and mentors!

The students were kind enough to give us their permission to use their comments and testimonials about BAE Vet Camp on our website and in future marketing and publicity materials. I would like to ask you, their adult parent, for your permission to use your student’s comments and identify her by her full name and city/state.

To grant us permission to use your student’s comments, please state your students name and sign your e signature on through the following link.

Thank you!

Yes, as the parent of , BAE Club has my permission to use comments and testimonials,
made by my student, in Bay Area Equine Vet Camp,LLC marketing and publicity materials.

Print Full Parent Name: Date:
Parent Signature: Address:
City & State: Your Email:

Thank you for your time and your permission to use your student’s comments and testimonials on behalf of the Bay Area Equine Vet Camp,LLC!

Shanna Gage Lai, Program Director

Bay Area Equestrian Club
Walnut Creek, CA 94598 |


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