WANTED BY SFPD! Posted: Aug 14 2014

We are assisting the San Francisco Police Department in a country-wide search for Bay, Chestnut, Sorrel or solid color Geldings, 15-2h to 16-2h. Must be of sound mentality and physicality.

Latest Addition to the BAE Stables Posted: Aug 08 2014

The latest addition to the BAE stable — a mare named Dakota and her foal, Tiger Lily. The pair were among 19 miniature horses rescued from North Dakota recently. The horses had been at a rescue effort there, but the woman who ran the operation became suddenly ill and asked for help. Shanna, an avid…

Help Two Paints Find A Home! Posted: Jul 31 2014

BAE Club is helping the owner of two paint horses find a loving family to adopt them. Our mare is a 22-year-old named Lucy, and our gelding is a15-year-old named Ricky. The kid-friendly therapy horses must be adopted together. They are currently boarded at Pereira Ranch in Tassajara Valley in Eastern Danville. If you are…

Equestrian Club Has Lamorinda Roots Posted: Jul 31 2014

Twelve-year-old Taylor Lai knows her way around a horse. Like many Bay Area tweens, she has attended horseback riding summer camps, and having lived with them her whole life in the Mount Diablo foothills, she has grown to love the animals. But one thing Taylor knows about that not many other middle school horse lovers…

Isabelle Athena Qian Posted: Jul 16 2014

Isabelle is from Shanghai, China. She is working to develop the Shanghai chapter of BAE Club and will attend the 2015 Vet Camp.

Use Camp Hours on College Applications! Posted: Jun 27 2014

Big news for the camp!! Students can now use their hours spent at our camp, on their academic resume and collage application for Vet school required for practical and clinical experience. We did a news flash about the hours needed for vet school admissions and the work with Dr. Textor counts!

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