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“‘Mystic Places’ is the third album by Bay Area duo Phoenix Rising, which features pianist/composer Wendy Loomis and flautist/arranger Monica Williams. ‘Atlantis,’ ‘Guanacos,’ ‘Eastern Breeze,’ and the remaining eleven cuts provide a variety of ethnic styles and musical genres that allow Phoenix Rising to perform in venues from street festivals to concert halls. The solid mixtures of piano and world flutes on several selections, combined with synthesizers and percussion instruments, round out this incredible CD. I found each selection a personal journey through world locations, intimate travels, and coastal destinations.

“‘Atlantis’ and ‘Humanity’ are by far the bright spots on this CD, however, with the touch of flute here and there and Wendy’s hand on piano, the entire musical journey is one that should be on everyone’s iPod. ‘Winds of the Desert’ reminded me of a trip through Monument Valley with each note a dance off the beauty of the area. ‘Piseco,’ which means fish, brings drama, raw emotion, and the sensational presence of 11-year-old Taylor Alyssa Lai on Native American flute. The music is timeless, the CD a must have!”

Marie Michaels, Music Beyond Words, Live365 Internet radio

“Mystic Places” features BAE Club Jr. Board Member, Taylor Alyssa Lai as Guest Artist on the Native American flute—Track 5, “Piseco.”

“Mystic Places” CD is #12 on the Zone Reporter Charts, playing on 47 radio stations, including national radio/satellite programs Soundscapes, SirusXM, and Pandora.

Musicians Giving Back
Phoenix Rising has received many reports from people who said the music not only helped them relax and de-stress from the challenges of daily life, but also actually helped in eliminating physical pain. Phoenix Rising decided to take this healing aspect of their music a bit further by donating 200 “Mystic Places” CDs to the National Foundation for Cancer Research (, which distributed them among donors, cancer patients, and survivors.


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