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Global Veterinary Academy Policies Document Agreement

Success at camp is possible only with the accurate provision of information and close cooperation of the parent, information provided must be accurately completed. Any false or misleading information is grounds for immediate dismissal of the student from the Pre-Vet Program.

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Health Care Providers

I __________(parent/guardian) authorize any medical provider to release confidential medical information to any BAEVC staff member relating to the emergency medical treatment of my son/daughter ____________(name of student) I do so as the authorized legal guardian of the minor _______________(name of student)
I ________(parent/guardian) authorize BAEVC to contact my students health care providers

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Health History

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N/A if none.

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If yes to any of the above, please give us additional details and instruction.


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If yes to any of the above, please give us additional details and instruction.

How did you hear about Vet Camp?

Where did you see a Vet Camp flyer? Please share city and location.

Mental, Emotional, and Social Health

To help BAEVC better understand your student and help your student have a successful experience at camp, please be sure to tell us about ALL mental and emotional conditions, and ALL social and learning challenges your student has experienced, including but not limited to any special needs, challenges and conditions such as ADD/ADHD, or any issues that may impact the student’s stay at BAEVC. In addition to the forgoing, has your student ever been diagnosed with any of the following mental, emotional, and/or social health disorders?

Has your student ever been diagnosed with any of the following Mental, Emotional, and/or Social Health disorders? (*)

Anything we need to know to ensure the safety of your student? (ex. custodial issues, phobias, etc.)? (*)

Authorized Individuals for Release (*)

BAE Club staff is authorized to release my student into the care of the following people. Please provide the name, relationship to student and contact phone number for each individual.

Exclusive Workshops/Field Trip Permission (*)

My student has my permission to accompany Bay Area Equine Vet Camp, LLC., its camp counselors, mentors and its agents on all club sponsored field trips during camp. I understand that I will be notified in advance of any special instructions.


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NOTICE: Before you enroll, please read the following information.

Welcome to Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp!

Welcome incoming students!

We are thrilled that you will be joining our program this summer.

Inside this welcome packet, you will find answers to most of your questions and a guide for preparing for what promises to be an extraordinary experience. Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp mentors, are proud of the program that has been developed and are confident that you will have a summer not soon forgotten: a summer full of fun, challenges, laughter, and lasting friendships—all with a veterinary medicine focus! We place tremendous value on the relationships that are formed among our students, mentors, and families. Our pledge to you is to provide an enriching, diverse, and encouraging environment.

Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp


July 27 Royal Veterinary College, University of London

July 28 Royal Veterinary College, University of London

July 29 University of Oxford, England, United Kingdom

July 29 University of Cambridge Vet School, England, United Kingdom

July 30 University of Cambridge Vet School, England, United Kingdom


What to wear & what to bring (besides your brightest smile!)

[Students must dress appropriately for an active, outdoor program]

Spending money for souvenirs and special purchases at off-site workshops is suggested, however optional.

Closed-toed shoes or boots every day

Hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses (optional, but encouraged)

Refillable, leak-proof water bottle

Spiral-bound notebook, pens, pencils


All students are prohibited from bringing:


Alcohol or drugs

Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp provides three meals per day, snacks as well as an evening dessert. Snack time will be designated in both the morning and the afternoon.

Cell phone

If a student must bring a cell phone to camp, the phone must be kept off during the camp day and may only be used with the camp director’s permission. Parents, please do not text or call your student’s cell phone during the camp day. Parents can reach Camp Director, Shanna Gage Lai on her cell phone at all times. Please text or leave a voice message at 510-829-2632. Residential students will contact their parents each evening after dinner.

Residential students: Suggested packing list

Please do not over pack—try to fit all belongings into one suitcase or duffel bag.





Undergarments and socks

Sleep attire

One pair of comfortable walking shoes

One pair of boots for working around horses and livestock in the barn

Toiletries/shower products & items

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Body soap and shampoo/deodorant/feminine needs for girls

Hairbrush/ponytail holders.

Two bath towels/one washcloth

Phone charger if needed

Residence Life

Students, camp counselors, as well as the program director, reside at dorms (young men and women living in separate rooms). Lights out at 10:00 PM. Three or more program counselors will provide supervision and reside with the students overnight, every night.

Students enjoy exploring a delicious variety of culinary options (dietary preferences accommodated). Resident Program Assistants provide guidance, lead social activities, and enforce program policies.

Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) in original containers with printed instructions. Parents must notify Program Director Shanna Gage Lai of any medicines that students are bringing and taking during camp. Parents must specify if the student can administer medication themselves, or if the student requires daily assistance of the Program Director.

If flying UK Airports, we recommend Uber Transportation for airport pickup and drop off.

Students and their parents/guardians must read the following rules together and then send an email message to Program Director Shanna Gage Lai, confirming that they understand the behavior expected and the rules to be followed at Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp with student’s and parent/guardian’s names and e-signatures.

Rules & Code of Behavior

Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp is meant to be fun, educational, and safe. To make the camp experience enjoyable and safe for everyone, it is crucial for each participant to follow Vet Camp rules and exhibit responsible behavior at all times while on camp and workshop property, in classrooms, and on buses.

Physical violence or bullying toward another student or staff member will result in immediate dismissal from the camp program. Any violation of the following rules may result in disciplinary action, which includes sending the student home at the family’s expense. Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp fees are non-refundable if a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons.

The student will cooperate with staff and follow instructions as given by staff and mentors at all times.

Students will stay with assigned groups and mentors at all times.

Students will use appropriate voice levels in classrooms, on buses, and around animals.

Students will listen quietly while staff and mentors are talking.

Students will respect other students, faculty, equipment, and facilities.

Students will treat all other students with respect—no name-calling, teasing, or disrespect of other students or staff.

Students will keep their hands to themselves—no hitting, pushing, or shoving of other students.

Students will respect BAE Pre-Vet Camp buildings, objects, and natural environment at all times.

Nothing is to be taken, broken, or harmed in any way.

Students will respect workshop/classroom buildings, objects, and the natural environment at all times.

Students will stay in program areas with adults.

Students will wash their hands before and after handling animals.

Students will wear closed-toed shoes and socks at all times outdoors (no sandals, Crocs, or flip flops, except —when specified for residential student activities).

Students will wear seat belts and remain seated while on the chartered bus.

Examples of unacceptable behavior that may result in dismissal include, but are not limited to:

Refusing to follow behavior guidelines or camp rules; refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff

Disrupting a program; leaving a program without permission

Stealing, vandalizing, or damaging property (personal or camp property)

Any action that could threaten or pose a direct threat to the physical/emotional safety of the student, other students, staff, or program animals

Fighting, biting, teasing, or bullying other students or staff; using profanity or obscenities

Use of illicit drugs, alcohol or tobacco; possession of a weapon; sexual conduct of any kind

Possession of a controlled substance, unless under the prescription of a doctor

Parents/Guardians—Failure to follow Vet Camp rules may result in the following:

The Director will make a call to the parent/guardian regarding the student’s failure to follow the rules, and there will be a discussion regarding the misbehavior and what is expected of the student.

After one warning/talk with the parent/guardian regarding misconduct, further misbehavior may result in immediate dismissal of the student from the camp—without refund and at the family’s expense.

Upon expulsion from the Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp, the parent/guardian must immediately retrieve the student, who will be removed from the other students and will be in the care of staff management or police if necessary.

If your student is going to be absent, arriving late, or being picked up early, it is imperative that you notify the camp office for staff to accurately account for all of our campers and to make the necessary arrangements. Please email all student absences, late arrivals, early pickups, or special requests to, or text the camp office at 510.829.2632.

Please do not give messages to counselors or mentors. For all urgent communication needs, text Shanna at 510.829.2632 or email

Thank you for choosing Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp for your student. We know that there are countless options for young people regarding summer programs, workshops, and activities. We value your support and appreciate your choice of Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp.

We strive to ensure that our students and parents feel that Global Veterinary Academy is their summer camp and thus welcome your thoughts, feedback, and ideas. If concerns or issues surface during your student’s camp experience, please notify us immediately. We are never too busy to listen. Our goal is to create a memorable summer camp experience for our students and their families. From all of us at Global Veterinary Academy, Pre-Vet Camp, we wish you and your family an extraordinary summer!

Happy trails!

Shanna Gage Lai, Program Director

Global Veterinary Academy