Shanna Gage Lai

Co-founder and Director of Pre-Vet Camp Global Academy
Brief info

Hi, my name is Shanna! I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University in NYC. Previously, I earned a master's degree in business management at Regents University London, where I served as President of my class and competed as a member of the UK National Championship Equestrian Polo Team. My interests include promoting the importance of diversity and cultural awareness in the veterinary medicine field, breeding Arabian horses, and traveling. This summer's Pre-Vet Camp Global Academy academic retreat will be truly exceptional: we have a fantastic group of mentors and counselors on board, as well as a fun, hands-on, exciting outdoor academic program in-store! As co-founder and director of Pre-Vet Camp Global Academy, I look forward to mentoring students interested in veterinary medicine and supporting them in achieving their goals. My desire is that Pre-Vet Camp Global Academy students have the ability to grow academically, personally, and professionally in a very collegial atmosphere.

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We will be offering an exciting remote online program this year.
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