Piya Modi

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Growing up, just about every kid I knew, including myself, had career aspirations at some point to be a veterinarian. As an animal lover becoming a veterinarian seemed to be an obvious career path.

Although I never became a veterinarian, my passion for animals has driven me to help fulfill the dreams of young animal enthusiasts. By founding and directing Pre-Vet Camp, I can work with animals, animal enthusiasts, and professions in a special and unique way. Directing Pre-Vet Camp is the most fun and rewarding job I have ever had! I enjoy connecting with aspiring veterinary students and supporting them throughout their career via the Pre-Vet Camp veterinary mentorship program.

Through my journey, I came across a truly extraordinary like-minded individual who strives to work with animals and their welfare. Piya Modi, quickly became a close friend during my postgraduate studies at Regents University London. Piya is from New Delhi, India, and has been a lifelong animal lover. Following my visit to her hometown in January 2019, we decided to join forces and create an educational experience for veterinary students in India. Considering the dense population of stray and homeless animals in India, Piya has contributed her time in creating a strong network to foster healthcare, nutrition, and shelter for these animals. Over the past few years, she sponsored treatment, vaccination, and spaying for over 500 dogs, and currently provides a home to over 60 dogs, cats, goats, cows, donkeys, and horses. Currently, in the process of creating a welfare program called PAWS, Piya's Animal Welfare Society, she aims to raise funds and awareness, worldwide in order to achieve her target of giving homes to all the stray animals in the country.

Piya will serve as a mentor for the 2019 Pre-Vet Camp students and has also created several volunteer opportunities at PAWS India for aspiring veterinary students. There are many career opportunities available that can blend your passion for animals with your other interests. Find out more and register today for 2019 Pre-Vet Camp, June 24-28 in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Space is limited. www.baeclub.org