Dr. Jamie Textor

DVM Mentor
Brief info

Dr. Jamie Textor is a board-certified specialist in both Large Animal Surgery and Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation. She graduated from Colorado State University in 1998 and completed her residency at Cornell in 2002. Dr. Textor worked in universities (Massey University, Oregon State University, UC Davis) for 10 years doing surgery, treating patients, teaching, and doing research. After earning her PhD in 2013, she was ready to get back to treating patients full-time, and founded Total Performance Equine in 2014. Her vision for the practice was to bring referral-hospital expertise out to the field—along with excellent patient care and client service—and that remains our practice goal every day. Dr. Textor lives in Martinez with her family. She loves all things active and outdoors, serves her community through Rotary, and fits in a riding lesson whenever possible!