Dr. Ashley Gray

DVM Mentor
Brief info

Dr. Ashley Gray graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 and pursued a rotating small animal internship. Her internship sparked a passion for emergency, and she spent the next five years in a large GP/ER hospital. She has a passion for mentoring and took over the role of internship director during her time there. This sparked her interest in writing and publishing her first book, Becoming a Millennial Veterinarian. She founded the company Vets on the Rise with her classmate Monica to help the future of vet med thrive through their successes and failures. She currently works for Veterinary Emergency Group and will run their Charlotte, NC location as Medical Director this summer. She is married with a one year old daughter, two Aussie mixes, and two long haired chats. She is currently navigating the working mom journey and loving this new life transition. Follow her journey on Instagram @southernpetvet

Becoming a Millennial Veterinarian:

Vets on the Rise: www.veterinariansontherise.com

Veterinary Emergency Group: https://veterinaryemergencygroup.com/

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