“Welcome to Vet Camp” article in SportStars Magazine

Attending summer camp is beloved tradition that dates back more than 150 years in the United States. Camp allows young people to meet new people — often from different states and countries. Camp allows young people to mix up their daily routines, enjoy new experiences, challenge themselves,, learn new skills, feed their passions and have fun.

One such camp that does all that and more for animal lovers and aspiring veterinarians is Bay Area Equine Vet Camp (BAE Vet Camp), happening Aug. 1-7, 2015.

Based in Walnut Creek, at the Bay Area Equestrian Club Stables at the foot of Mount Diablo, 2015 BAE Vet Camp is an intensive seven-day, equine focused summer camp designed and geared for mature, highly motivated middle school and high school students and college undergrads. Now in its second year, BAE Vet Camp is the only camp of its kind in Northern California, and a welcomed camp option for horse lovers who are interested in the science of veterinary medicine.

BAE Vet Camp was developed by Shanna Gage Lai and her daughter Taylor, 13, both accomplished equestrians who want to offer students an alternative to more traditional equestrian camp – one focused on equine medicine, rather than horseback riding. Designed in collaboration with noted veterinarian, specialist surgeon, author, and camp mentor Jamie Textor, DVM, PhD, Vet Camp offers students up-close and personal, hands-on experiences in the real world of veterinary medicine through workshops, facility tours, mentor presentations, guest speakers, independent and team projects.

“It’s been a lot of fun to get back into teaching and being involved with these very engaged, very passionate students,” says Textor. “It’s amazing to watch them light up as they experience not only horses, but science and veterinary medicine in general.”

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