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From teeth to tail, the kids at Bay Area Equestrian Club’s five-day equine-centric veterinarian camp love everything about horses. Everything.

They love horse heads, feedstuffs, abdominal organs, tendons, ligaments, manure production, breeding, training practices and biomechanics. They adore building robotic replicas of horse legs, or launching microwave oven-size horse toys into space, attached to weather balloons. They even like observing dissections, surgery, anesthetic activities and seeing a horse suspended in a sling for an MRI at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. A trip to Pleasanton’s Sherman Ranch to meet a breeder and a real rodeo rider is like a visit to heaven.

Open to students in grades 4-12, BAEC’s Vet camp is the brainchild of Taylor Alyssa Lai, the 12-year-old daughter of Shanna Gage Lai, a Moraga native, award-winning horse rider and breeder and the camp’s director. In addition to the curriculum/workshop-saturated summer camp, BAEC runs an active horse rescue program and equestrian-related educational events, and provides volunteer leadership training for young people….
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