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Carlee Scheinfeld

CarleeCarlee Scheinfeld is a long-time teacher and youth advocate. After working for nearly a decade as a middle school teacher and teacher-leader in the Oakland public schools, Carlee came to know well the nature of the transition from childhood to adolescence and became increasingly aware that schools and communities were not providing young people with the tools they need to cope and take care of themselves.

Carlee created expeditionary learning programs, initiating environmental awareness and earth philosophy programs in the schools where she taught. She worked to integrate restorative principles and emotional literacy curriculum into her classroom teaching. She began youth leadership programs to allow students support and guidance as they experimented with finding their purpose and taking action in their communities. She has also spent the last decade studying child development, trauma,
and the circumstances needed to promote healing.

While working to create classroom spaces that were safe for children to learn, grow, and risk being exactly who they are, Carlee began developing trainings for teachers and youth workers. She is  currently an Oakland teacher coach, supporting new teachers in curriculum development and effective classroom management.

Carlee is the co-owner and director of Ames Seminars, a local tutoring company that provides academic and test prep support to local students and family support through the college admissions process. She is also group leader for Stepping Stones, a youth program that seeks to support students and families in the transition between childhood and adolescence. Her heart’s work is acting as a youth advocate and mentor for children in East Oakland and getting young people—who might not otherwise have the opportunity—to write poetry, dance, explore the outdoors, interact with animals, and find their passions.


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