2018 BAE Vet Camp Counselor Program & Application

Students (18 and older) who are currently enrolled in college or veterinary school may apply for our volunteer BAE Vet Camp Counselor Program. As a volunteer camp counselor working side by side with Jamie Textor, DVM, PhD, you will earn practical and clinical hours required for veterinary school applications and course work.

1. Please complete and submit the following BAE Vet Camp Counselor Application Registration Form.

2. In the application, you will be asked to upload your Academic Résumé and a scanned copy of your Driver’s License (photo ID).

Background checks will be performed on all counselor applicants, and BAE Vet Camp Director Shanna Gage Lai will conduct interviews. Those applicants who qualify for the position will be invited to become volunteer BAE Vet Camp counselors.

Counselor Application



Date of Birth:

Age as of 8/1/15:

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What college do you attend?

What is your major?

Do you speak other languages besides English? If Yes, please list other languages:

Do you have youth camp experience? Please describe.

While equine experience is not necessary, do you have equine and/or veterinary medicine experience?

Why are you interested in becoming an Equine Vet Camp counselor?

Are you considering veterinary school?

Do you need to earn practical and clinical volunteer hours working with a veterinarian for your vet school application?

How would volunteering at BAE Vet Camp help you reach your academic or career goals?

Did you attend summer camp as a child?

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself, your interest in veterinary medicine camp, and/or your camp counselor qualifications?

2018 BAE Vet Camp Application

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Anything we need to know to ensure the safety of you/your student? (ex. custodial issues, phobias, etc.)?

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Interested in Veterinary Medicine?

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Interested in joining BAE Club?

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Authorized Individuals for Release

Authorized Individuals

BAE Club staff is authorized to release my student into the care of the following people. Please provide the name, relationship to student and contact phone number for each individual.

Exclusive Workshops/Field Trip Permission

My student has my permission to accompany Bay Area Equestrian Club, its camp counselors, mentors and its agents on all club sponsored field trips during camp. I understand that I will be notified in advance of any special instructions. Unless otherwise notified, students are to wear the BAECamp t-shirt on all field trips.


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